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Why You Need to Schedule “Career “Dates” for Job Advancement

Women are great at scheduling and planning “stuff.” Stuff for our kids, for our family, for our employees.  We make time, come hell or high water, for our hair appointments, nails, and of course wine “dates” with girl friends. But, and there is a big “but” (and […]

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An Entrepreneurial Mindset: The Only “Job Security” You’ll Ever Find

Throughout this year we will feature a series of guest bloggers from a variety of industries and backgrounds.  Some work for companies, some are business owners, like this month’s guest blogger, Laura Sammons.   Laura’s advice is spot-on whether you own a business, you are thinking of starting […]

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What Not to Do When You Lose Your Job

1. Don’t focus on your faults and shortcomings: Instead share your successes, small and large, with your network. Successes not only remind you of all your strengths and the value you brought to your previous jobs, it also boosts your confidence, lets others know what skills and […]

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