Diversity “Deep Dive:” Integrity. Courage. Contribution.

Are you willing to Dive Deeper into Diversity in 2015?

In the third installment of our guest blog, we love the topic that René Delane, owner of Women Who Dare™, addresses:  Diversity.

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” -Henry David Thoreau

Yes, we know “Diversity” is a word that is thrown around time and time again, and can definitely be a check mark for some organizations and individual contributors to demonstrate inclusiveness on a very superficial level.  You know, the club-like feel of some diversity initiatives without substance:  Company A:  We hosted a hot sauce competition for Cinco de Mayo.  Check mark.  We have demonstrated awareness of and sensitivity to the Hispanic culture, because all Latinos love hot sauce, right…? Sounds silly, but it happens.

Diversity as a term and real-world application is a broad umbrella and we are all diverse in our own unique and wonderful way. This uniqueness is a perfect way to brand yourself and stand out among the crowd; celebrate who you are and what you bring to the table that others do not. Here is René’s perspective on Diversity.

“As the founder and CEO of Women Who Dare™ the foundation of my life as well as my coaching, consulting, speaking business are three core values:

Integrity. Courage. Contribution.

These naturally led me to passionately embrace diversity, inclusion, and collaboration to make a difference.

Leadership strengths traditionally linked to women such as inclusion, collaboration, and diversity are the very skills and values needed for creating present and future sustainable change in our communities, cultures and countries. Women and men both belong at the “table” making decisions that affect the present and, for our sons and daughters, the future.

So, for 2015 I am committed to dive deep into diversity and inclusion and share my journey as I learn from others who are different from me.


There is an ever-increasing awareness of privilege bestowed upon me at birth solely because I was born white and live in a world largely governed by others of the same color.  This privilege was not earned or even desired but granted only because of being separated out at birth by color.

I will share what I’ve learned with research-based wisdom, nuggets of honest conversations, and also reveal my own unconscious biases with candor. Yes, we all have biases that are absorbed unknowingly from cradle to career.

When we embrace diversity we begin to “see” what unites us. Research tells us that the 3 needs all humans crave beyond the basics to survive are:

  1. Love, friendship and affection – from family, work, friends and romantic relationships
  2. Esteem – self-respect, respect from others and a sense of achievement
  3. Purpose – self-fulfillment and to know that it matters we have lived at all

Let us create awareness of barriers that divide us, are deep inside unseen and unchallenged.

For our actions are “hidden in plain sight” and can unknowingly reflect our inner stereotypes.

I hope the words of global diversity expert, Vernā Myers, will resonate with you as they do with me,

“We need to go from well-meaning to well-doing.”

It is an action, not just a thought or intention.  It’s not enough to “be nice” to people different than us. We all benefit when we actively seek other viewpoints, attitudes and voices so that we collaborate to reach decisions that serve all.

Diversity expert, Gail Zoppo, of the International Society of Diversity and Inclusion reminds us that Diversity now encompasses:

  • religion
  • gender
  • national origin
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • age
  • education
  • geographic origin

Please join Women Who Dare™ and the men that support these leadership values to help grow a strong “fabric” of diversity. I believe that we all have more in common with issues that unite people rather than what divides them. After all, “a smile is the same in every language, isn’t it?

Remember wherever you live, work, play or pray you have the power to be a leader from the family room to the boardroom to make a difference and be an agent of change.”

-©2015 Rene Delane, Women Who Dare™

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