‘Femfidence’ and the Rule of Three!

Along my career path I discovered that I do have a love of fashion and wisely choose to invest in a few quality pieces of clothing in my wardrobe each year.  About four years ago I fell in love with CAbi – the best kept fashion secret out there; trust me I am sure most of you have not heard of this company, and you must check it out.

My go-to fashion strategist and CAbi consultant, Donna Musilli, has pushed me beyond my comfort zone in so many ways with my wardrobe, and now I can say I embrace my curves more than ever, while also learning to maximize my wardrobe from Target, Old Navy, vintage stores – all the way to CAbi.  All thanks to Donna’s help and advice.  Here are some cool facts and ideas about how to manage and maximize your wardrobe, which helps to build your confidence, or as Donna says your ‘Femfidence.’

“If you are confident, you are beautiful.”

Beauty is a package; it is not about being 5′ 9″, wearing a size 2, having a perfectly proportioned body or being a certain age.   It is about ‘owning who you are and being comfortable in your own skin.’

Women who possess a feminine confidence, something I call ‘femfidence,’ work with what they have and package themselves in a manner that exudes confidence.   This is part of any successful effort in personal branding and executive presence- big buzz words in today’s business world that absolutely impact how we as women are viewed.

What is ‘femfidence?’

  • You put a look together that flatters your features and figures.
  • You know that fashion is an illusion and the principles of fashion center on highlighting the positive and minimizing the negatives.
  • You have learned that the ideal shape for a woman is the proverbial hourglass and you know how to manipulate proportion, to achieve that ideal by exploiting the illusion.
  • You understand that is all about putting a look together that makes you feel your most feminine and confident best.

Some women are ‘femfident’ by default. It is just who they are, while others need guidance to help their inner ‘femfidence’ emerge.  Others yet, understand the concept, want to possess it but struggle to implement it consistently. Whether you are naturally ‘femfident’ or are in need of some support, you have it in you; it is in all of us.

One thing I know for sure is that most women do not have a ‘strategy’ when it comes to building a flattering and functional wardrobe.  Enter… the rule of three!

Most women have a ‘closet full of clothes’ and ‘nothing to wear.  That is because we shop for a variety of reasons: we are in a good mood, a bad mood, we feel fat, we feel skinny, we have a special occasion and need an outfit, it’s on sale, a pretty color, a good label…

messy closet

Here’s a little trick called the Rule of Three that will help you build a ‘femfident’ wardrobe:

When wardrobe shopping, only purchase a garment if it has 3 friends in your closet and you have 3 places you can wear it.  

For example, you find a cute printed top.  Before you buy it, ask yourself, “does it go with 3 things in my closet?” and, “do I have 3 places I can wear it?”  If you answered yes, chances are it is a good investment.

ThreeLet’s take the Rule of Three even further.

Do you know that if you purchase 3 tops, 3 bottoms and 3 topper pieces that you can get 35 outfits out of 9 pieces of clothing?

Investing your fashion dollars wisely may or may not come naturally to you.  If it doesn’t, consider asking a friend for help or hiring a personal stylist to guide you.  You don’t need a lot of clothes to look great.

You just need the right clothes!

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