“Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah” – Uh… Say What?

The flow of my life is guided by my true self. 

I love the very essence of what this Deepak Chopra meditation mantra means; there is a path and purpose to what we should be doing, wait – even better, what we are meant to do with our life.

Think about your true self really guiding what you do daily.  What we do to fulfill the true self is contingent upon us being open, being aware, and being brave enough to allow that flow to happen.

It bears repeating:  Our true self is guided by being open, being aware, and being brave.

Let’s think of it this way:

  • The more aware we become of our circumstances, the more we seek relevance to what we do.
  • Relevance to what we do in this age and time, means relevance at home and at work. Work is all-consuming for most of us and if you are a Gen-Xer or a Millennial, is becoming more critical to feel that work matter in the greater scheme of our life. (We joke that Baby Boomers only know work, they live it and breath it and overall are not driven by “purpose” across the broader generation.)
  • Do you find yourself asking “Why am I doing this?” I suggest that if you ask that question often, you probably are not doing what you are meant to do.  In the leadership programs I lead I get asked that question a lot- “How do I know if this is the right career for me?”  You can seek answers in books like Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star, and you can consider the points below.
1. Being open:

This means getting out of your comfort zone to do things that can lead you to more self-discovery and align more with your true self.  Connecting with others is one of the best ways to learn to be open.  How? By receiving information, advice, mentorship, and simply wisdom without judgment, just absorbing information for information’s sake.  How can this make your more open?

My husband David used to seek out the most senior person in his group and ask that person to lunch every few months. While his young and relatively inexperienced co-workers were making fun of the old fart in the office, my husband was busy soaking up 30 years of tried and true business practice, wisdom, and life skills from the old fart who gave my husband a leg up on how to best navigate work.

Regardless of whether he agreed or disagreed with the advice he received, he always received it, tucked it away and applied it when the moment and occasion was right, if he needed it.  What he did not do was dismiss it or the person giving it.

Whose advice, mentorship or wisdom can you seek out today?

2. Being aware:

The only way we can really understand our true self is by self-awareness.  Self-awareness is created through feedback, being observant of human behavior (including your own) and the effects of this behavior on others.  It is also being open to the good and the not-so-good about who we are, how we make others feel, where we are strong, and where we can improve.  Reading self-help publications, utilizing assessment tools such as DiSC, Myers-Briggs (MBTI), Hermann Brain Dominator, Strengths Finder and Emotional Intelligence are great ways to start to build your awareness.

What is one area in which you could grow and be open to learning more about yourself? 

Take the action step today to find a course that can start you on your journey of self-discovery and increased self-awareness.

3. Being brave:

This is a tough one because it requires us being uncomfortable with the unknown.

Bravery is defined as “nerve, fearless, or daring.”  It also means you are growing and within growth is the opportunity to find our true self and true calling.

All those words above imply some risk being involved and you may not view yourself as a risk taker.  No one finds his or her true self without some risk being involved, because it means that failure is a possibility.  No successful or happy person is that way because they played it safe their entire life.  In fact, the play-it-safe folks are the very people who will usually say, “I wish I would have…” then fill in the blank with the very thing they would have wanted to be brave about.

Don’t let your life be one of “I wish I would have…”  Be brave. Be bold. Be daring.

What is one thing you can act upon today that makes you uncomfortable?

Is it scheduling a lunch with someone who is higher ranking or deemed of importance?  Is  it researching a college so you can begin or finish that degree?  Is it posting for a job that you have 50% of the qualification for but you know you can do it and it interests you?

Whatever it is, go for it!

Allow the flow of your life to guide your true self by being open, being aware and being bold now and into 2017.

Since we are talking about mantras, here is a parting one for you:  Om Gum GanaWpatayei Namah which means the god Ganesh of wisdom and success will destroy obstacles in your way.  With that, I bid you “namaste” my dear reader:  Be open. Be aware. Be brave!

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