Promoting U Leadership Programs

Wish you had sure-fire communication tools to “WOW” clients and make your boss sit up and take notice of you? 

Discover Promoting U! and our leadership courses that refine and polish your ability to connect and communicate with confidence when it most counts in your career.


Here’s what you will experience:

  • An interactive program your peers have rated as excellent (9.3 out of 10)!
  • Graduating from meek to AMAZING, along with over 4,000 business professionals over the past 4 years!
  • Actually getting career victories.  Imagine landing a new job, salary bump, connecting to more decision-makers, experiencing a boost in confidence or even catching the eye of the CEO!
  • Pull out a sure-fire communication tool, called the Career “Common Cents”™ formula- which is your secret weapon to being heard, being seen, and having a strategic career plan that actually impacts your career movement!

What will you experience in a Promoting U! workshop? Click here for Program Details

I attended the ‘Promoting You’ workshops and with it in mind, I just submitted what I feel is the strongest self-assessment review I have ever done on myself. Who knew bragging on yourself could actually give you such a sense of accomplishment. This was especially important since I have a new boss who transitioned into his role only a month ago.”

– Peggy S., Business Analyst, Regional Banking Institution and Confident Promoting U! “Grad”

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