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“In leadership development programming...

…you often find yourself motivating and helping others, even before you help yourself. After going through [the] Promoting U Workshop in December, I left the workshop feeling inspired and motivated about “me” in a way that I have not been before.  [It] helped me with my self confidence and with 1-on-1 help coached me into promoting myself into a better job with premium benefits.”

~Ciera Adams, Promoting U! “Grad” who used what she learned in our program and landed a brand new job with increased visibility and skill set enhancement within 6 months of our program .  Congrats Ciera on Promoting YOU!

How does creating competent and confident leaders with a passion to lead become relevant to attracting and retaining talent, and to your company’s bottom line?

It’s through the most valuable part of any business- YOUR PEOPLE, like Ciera above, and their passion for self-improvement.

Passionate leadership creates positive energy which creates influence.

Influence creates a following.

A following creates a brand and vibe around your service or product.

A great brand creates a loyal following through a shared experience, that increases employee and customer retention and growth.

Employee retention and customer growth around that shared vision drive innovation.

Innovation keeps your company relevant and that my friend, is what keeps YOU thriving in business!

It all comes back to the competence, confidence and passion of your leaders and your leaders of the future.

Scroll down for a listing of our Promoting U! Programs and Special Events (Experiences) to find out your folks can gain confidence, increase their competence as a result, and simply go from Meek to AMAZING as leaders and leaders of the future, like Ciera did!

Jennifer, a proud Promoting U! Grad who snagged a new job, $15k more in her pocket and increased confidence. You are worthy Jen!

Jennifer, a proud Promoting U! Grad who snagged a new job and $15k more in her pocket!



“The Promoting You Workshop is one of the best development workshops I’ve attended in some time…”

“There are many development programs in the industry and this workshop cuts to the chase and brings the important things together in one place. [This] workshop focuses upon your interests, development, ownership, risk taking and results…  You will clearly learn something and have a great time.”

– Diana Westhoff, Promoting U! Grad, VP Senior Process Solutions Consultant, and Founder and Champion of Enterprise-wide Women’s Networking Business Resource Group for a large regional banking institution.


Becky's feeling after a "building a powerful resume" coaching session with a resume make-over!

Becky’s feeling after a “building a powerful resume” resume make-over!