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Did you know that value-add is your leverage to moving your career forward as you define it?  It’s true. I would like to share with you how I personally know this and how hundreds of your colleagues know this now too.  Here’s my story and how you can leverage your value-add to move your career forward too.

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me as the extrovert I am, that I ended up making a career leading training initiatives to thousands of people across the globe from ages 4 to 74 over the last twenty plus years in academia and in banking, specializing in communication and leadership training as well as Spanish business communications.   Sí, hablo muchísimo español and I am still a licensed Spanish teacher!

After personally being frustrated with hitting career obstacles in the banking world, I knew I had to change something and change it fast to get results that would keep me moving forward and to be taken more seriously by decision makers.   Through a ton of reading, research, communication trial and error, and observation of successful colleagues, I created a method I then shared with internal training clients to move their career forward too.

The result?  Amazing success stories such as promotions and discovering their strengths and life calling.   Talk about an empowering feeling and accomplishments!   How did I know what I was doing when I had previously experienced my own struggles?  Because I tested this approach over several years in my own career first to gain access to awesome stretch assignments and bilingual projects nationally, bonuses and raises when “none were available,” and a to-die-for flex schedule that allowed me to work more effectively.  The only thing I could not obtain:  A promotion.

In 2011 I was at a cross-roads:  Take on more responsibility in a job I liked, but did not love, in order to get a promotion, or leave the company.  I exited cubicle nation that year and have never looked back, promoting myself to CEO and Chief Success Strategist of Promoting University,  where I now have the distinct privilege of sharing that secret formula, called Career Common CENTS™,  and the Promoting U! methodology with hundreds of professionals like you.

The result?  You being able to deliver a clear, memorable message to your stakeholders and clients about your value-add in order to move your career forward, just like my colleagues and I did. This message and the resulting value being cemented in the minds of folks who have great influence or even control over your career are your leverage to moving your career forward as you define it.

Let me thank you in advance for taking charge of your career and for allowing me to cheer you on as you continue to grow and prosper professionally.  Go from Meek to Amazing, and Connect and Communicate with Confidence!  Just call us or email to find out how.

Your career is calling. We will answer!