Write-about-it Wednesday

To help start out the New Year with focus and creativity, and because I promised you in my last post I would talk about my weekly themes that are helping me to GSD (see last post to know this means!), here’s the scoop on today’s theme:  Write-about-it Wednesday.   writing-on-blank-wall

Write-about-it Wednesday actually gives me permission to tune out all other tasks and activities and move my work along with more focus, fun, efficiency, creativity, and renewed energy.

What does my day entail that I can share with you so you too can help get that “To-Do List” knocked out?

Blog posts. 

This is now my number one priority which I self-profess to be inconsistent and sometimes elusive for me over the past few years.

By simply naming today to be about writing, it has made blogging a priority above all other activities in my day.   Why is this so essential?

Posting information on the website helps you with tips, ideas, information on the latest trends or research in career and communication, and keeps my company relevant with our audience while growing our brand.  It’s also not very time consuming, I can get it knocked out in an hour or less, and is a key part of staying in touch with you.

Don’t own a business?

No worries, this same activity is something you can do each Wednesday to grow your brand wherever you work too.

  • Can you create a newsletter for your department?
  • Can you write a blog for your clients or your division?
  • Can you interview your clients- both external and internal and write up their comments to share in an internal email or newsletter?
  • Can you write your own self-titled “column” and post it in the break room for others to read?

Speaking of writing things for others to read. Check out this great resource that is my second priority on Write-about-it Wednesday:

HARO, a.k.a. Help a Reporter Out. 

This is an online resource for reporters from all types of publications around the world, seeking sources and experts for their stories- sources and experts like you.

As a potential contributor, you can sign up free of charge and receive notices daily, weekly or monthly, with a huge thematic list you pre-select as areas in which you think you could be an expert or contributor.  Themes may be “Cooking,” “Art,” “Travel,” “Business,” “Lifestyle,” etc.

The requests for sources are as random as “Best Cookie Recipes” to “Had an Office Affair” to “Best Job Advice for Gen Z Graduates”- really, I am not making this up.

HARO was my ticket to being published on Monster.com with career advice, as well as several other sites for Spanish language learning and resources.

How do you increase your chance of being published? 

I followed a format that the brilliant Meredith Liepelt of Rich Life Marketing teaches her marketing coaching clients:  Reply to the inquiry with a short, sweet email confirming I could assist with their need because I have experience or expertise in xyz area which would be related to the article they wish to write, give them 3-5 tips on the topic inquiry, then offer to be available to answer any questions.  Voilà- after several months of faithful effort, I was published!

Depending on the type of story you end up contributing to in print, it’s a great addition to your resume as an accomplishment as well, and why not put it on your LinkedIn profile and share the article link?

The final focus of Write-about-it Wednesday for me is an either-or, meaning I finish my day by choosing one of these two key areas:

Creating new curriculum so I keep my training content fresh.

Or writing the book I have been noodling over for several years.

After two long years of thinking about it, hashing it out with Meredith and other trusted business partners, there are now words on paper thanks to the focus of this writing day.

If I am doing any of the above three things (Blog, HARO, Curriculum / Book) at the very least I have invested wise time to:

  • Be creative which is a necessary part of re-energizing my brain.
  • Be on top of trending news stories through HARO.
  • Grow my brand through blogging, HARO and the book-in-the-works.
  • Enrich my product offering to clients.

The payoff for you regardless of your occupation? 

It’s you making time to:

  • Tap into your creativity through eNews letters, your company website, break room bulletin board postings, blogs, or other communication channels you can contribute to or author.
  • Establish your expertise with a larger audience by contributing to articles through HARO.
  • Increase your confidence in your brand by writing and publishing information at work or outside work.
  • Create greater spheres of influence at work as well as in your community.

So what will your daily theme be for Hump Day?

For example, you can establish your own fun possibilities to move your work forward, or simply establish a playful work culture that makes working more enjoyable:  Website Wednesday, Weird Shirt Wednesday, Wendy’s Wednesday where you invite co-workers to a fast-food lunch (and pay for it!), Woo Them Over Wednesday, Work from Home Wednesday, Weird Client Story Wednesday, etc.

Cheers! Here’s to celebrating your “Write-about-it-Wednesday” type of practice whatever it may be!



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